Here are some examples of work that I've done.


Speeko helps to teach public speaking through audio analysis and specialized coaching. I build the Speeko iOS application, so I've been working hard to make our audio analysis work seamlessly for our users.

Though the app isn't quite ready yet, I'm very excited to share the results when the time comes. In the meantime, check the company out here.


Holojam is an untethered, multi-person VR experience with Prof. Ken Perlin and his team at the NYU Media Research Lab. I worked on improving the headset client software and developed functionality for consistently synchronizing state between headsets. It was built in C# with Unity. When we took the research project to VR Village at ACM SIGGRAPH 2015, I helped to build the live demonstration. Then, after SIGGRAPH I developed tools for efficiently and playing back data from the SIGGRAPH demonstration in a VR setting.


Cartwheels was a product created by some friends out of high school for tracking and reviewing the food carts of New York. We built web, Android, and iOS applications, running them off an internal web API. I wrote the iOS application. We entered NYC Big Apps 2014 and earned the most votes in the "People's Choice" competition.

Since then, the iOS application has been open sourced. You can see the source code here.

Lazy Armature

Lazy Armature was a project I worked on with @hunteriam for our high school Computer Graphics class. It creates 3D animations from a command file with a declarative syntax. It was written in Haskell, on top of my earlier 3D engine project, l3d, which was written in C.

You can see it on GitHub or see images generated by LazyArmature and l3d here.